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26 July 2011 @ 01:10 am
FANFIC - Usual Love Story (chap. 3)  
Title: Usual Love Story
Author: kanonkuroii
Chapter: 3/??
Genre: romance, humor, drama
Pairing: Uruha/Aoi, Tora/Aoi (one-sided)
Band: the Gazette, Alice Nine, An café, Miyavi [solo/S.K.I.N], SuG
Rating: PG-13/R (depending the chapter)
Warning: Manxman, unbetaed
Disclaimer: They belong to their company and I will buy them someday.
Summary: Shiroyama Yuu is a quiet and anti-social student. But everything changed when Kouyou and Shinji entered his life. Who will he choose?

Chapter 3

Kouyou walking toward his class lazily, he has always be the first student who arrives in class. Somehow his character is very contradictory with Takanori. Finally he went into his classroom and put his bag on the table. He looks at outside of the window, summer is coming soon, and he will have a lot of free time. Finally he decided to go visit Yutaka and Takanori’s classroom, hoping one of them has come, although he sure that Yutaka is the one who must have come first. Its miracle if Takanori came early.

Kouyou entered Yutaka’s classroom and tried to find his target but he found none. He didn’t see anyone at that empty classroom, except… the arrogant student. He sat in the back corner of the classroom in the same position when he first saw it in the music room. Kouyou stared at the arrogant student from behind the classroom door, the student don’t make a movement at all. His eyes were closed, and his chest moved up and down slowly, his face looks very calm, as if he were a different person from yesterday. But Kouyou trying to throw away his thoughts and looked at the student with hatred.

“Kou?” Kouyou instantly startled and looked behind him, Yutaka standing right behind him. His face looks a little surprised to see Kouyou was peering into his class. “What are you doing?”

“I—I came here looking for you, but when I entered your classroom, it’s empty. And there's only student who fell asleep in the corner of the classroom,” Kouyou pointed to students who fall asleep in the back of the class.

“Oh, you mean, Yuu-kun?” Yutaka respond it lightly.

“Who?” Kouyou ask Yutaka, the name seems familiar on his ear.

“Shiroyama Yuu, the last member of Five Stars.”

“You must be kiddin’ me!” Kouyou eyes suddenly widened after hearing Yutaka’s word. Shiroyama Yuu, the last member of Five Star. Why is he being so cold to him?

“Nope. I’m deadly serious.”

“But… but… but…” Kouyou still looked shocked.

“I know. He’s different from us. He does not seem like the center of attention, so he sat in the back corner. During the lesson he even never listened to the teacher, just staring out the window all day or sleep. But nevertheless, he was one of the good student in class,” Yutaka looked at sleeping Yuu. “—I wish that I could be friends with him.”

“Me too…” Kouyou said softly.

Kouyou walked into the music room, carrying his guitar with excitedly. After hear Yutaka’s story this morning, for some reason he became eager to be friends with Shiroyama Yuu. He opened the guitar classroom door and look inside the class.

“KYAAAAAAA! KOUYOU-SAMAAAA!” Again, the entire female student screaming over him. But he ignored them all and walked to the back corner of the classroom, where Yuu was playing his guitar softly like Kouyou ever heard before.

Kouyou tried not to lose in the rhythm. He was sits on the empty table next to Yuu and turned around to face Yuu.

“Hey!” Kouyou tried to smile as wide as possible. “My name is Takashima Kouyou, it’s a pleasure to be in the same class like you, Shiroyama Yuu…” Kouyou held out his hand. But Yuu just stared at him with both black eyes; he didn’t shaking Kouyou’s hand in return and backs to play his guitar.

With a little disappointed, Kouyou lowered his hands and wiping his sweat. Be patient, Kouyou. You should be able to control your emotions.

“—Look, I know yesterday we did not meet in a nice and polite manner. But I just want to be your friend, and I mean it.”

Yuu stopped playing with his guitar and looked at Kouyou with his black eyes again.

“…So?” Kouyou tried to smile as sweet as possible.

Yuu suddenly stood up from his desk and walked toward the classroom door, carrying his guitar. The female student who was busy chatting turned their heads toward the classroom door with a puzzled look.

"—Yes! I'm also happy to be friends with you!” Kouyou yelled angrily from the classroom.

Yuu walking downs the hall slowly, thinking about Kouyou’s words. Want to be friends with me? He must be kidding. Nobody wants to be friends with me. I don’t need people like them.

Yuu decided to go to the school roof, a place that he thinks is a place filled with inspiration. When he walked up the stairs to the roof, he met a student who seems to skip a lesson. From the badge he used it, it seems that he is a student of class Z. They stared at each other for a moment, before the student immediately turned away and walked back down the stairs.

The school roof is his favorite place. He can do whatever he wants there, without anyone bothering him. However, the main reason why he liked the school roof, he could see the wide sky. Everytime he saw the sky, he can feel the peace. He could feel himself as if he was flying, free.

“Kouyou! Akira!” Takanori yelled and went to Kouyou and Akira that awaits them in front of the class. As usual, Kouyou and Akira always approached their best friend after school. To go home together or just chat.

“Hi,” Kouyou waving his hand to Takanori, but his eyes fixed on the corner of Takanori and Yutaka’s classroom. Place where Yuu sitting was. He was busy picking up his belonging. Eventhough Kouyou and Akira always went to Takanori and Yutaka’s class everyday, he never notice Yuu before.

“What shall we do today?” Takanori ask excitedly.

“Taka, do you remember that we have a lot of homework today?” Yutaka interrupted. Takanori’s smiles disappear immediately.

“Yutaka, you’re no fun!” Takanori pouted cutely. Akira grinned widely while Yutaka giggled lightly when they see the childishness of his friend.

Suddenly Yuu were passing in front of them and Kouyou stared at Yuu with curiosity. He turned to his friends, but no one notice. Then slowly, Kouyou left his friends and chasing Yuu.

“Shiroyama, wait!” Kouyou tried to call him, but Yuu just ignore him and keep walking. Kouyou was upset and ran after Yuu and pulled his arm roughly. “I said wait!”

“Stop bothering me!” Yuu yelled at Kouyou. Making the students around them looked away towards Yuu and Kouyou to see what happens.

“Listen… I know you’re upset with me. But…” Kouyou draw his breath. “I just want to be your friend I swear. I genuinely want to be your friend.” Kouyou looked at Yuu’s face, waiting for his answer. And Kouyou just realized something; how beautiful Yuu face is. His dark eyes, his full lips, his black hair that almost covered half of his face. Yuu is probably the most beautiful person he had ever seen.

Yuu looked at Kouyou with confused look, what made him want to be friend with people who seemed anti-social like him?



“Call me Yuu,” Yuu replied briefly and immediately turned around and left Uruha alone in the middle of the corridor.

Kouyou see Yuu go with a satisfied smile on his lips. Yuu finally showed a response to him. And he can’t wait to spend his time with Yuu on guitar class.

“See you tomorrow Yuu!” Kouyou waved his hands excitedly. He can’t wait for the guitar class next week.

Kouyou entered the music room excitedly. Because finally he could meet Yuu again after the encounter last week. He opened the door of the music room with a slight rough, making the girls in the class screaming. But Kouyou ignored them and turned his body towards the back corner of the classroom, where Yuu used to sit. And Yuu was there, playing the guitar.

“Hei Yuu!” Kouyou greet Yuu cheerfully. Yuu who was playing his guitar turned to Uruha with a flat-without-expression-face. “Umm… can I sit next to you?” Kouyou put his guitar on an empty table next to Yuu.

Yuu just shrugged slightly and continue playing his guitar before…

“Hey Yuu, let’s have lunch together! I’ll introduce you to another Five Stars member. Well, you already know Yutaka and Takanori. But you never meet Akira right?! He’s a nice guy if you know him. Eventhough sometimes he’s so annoying and bossy. So, will you?” Kouyou looked at Yuu with enthusiasm.

“No.” Yuu replied shortly.

“Aww, come on… why not? It would be great if Five Stars could gather together, right? I swear it would be—” Before Kouyou could finish his words, Yuu already stood from his chair, makes Kouyou shocked.

“Did I already told you to not bothering me? Just because I allow you to call my short name, doesn’t mean that I accept you as my friend. And I’m not interested with those ‘Five Stars’ thing, so do not ever take me to your circle of friends.”

Yuu leaned his head on the school roof’s fence, guitar on his lap. His head was towards the sky. When he was upset, he always went to the school roof. It’s the only place that can make him feel relaxed. He does not understand since when his life becomes so complicated. It seems like only yesterday he is an anti-social student. No one cares about him, no one notice him. But suddenly, Kouyou comes to his life. His sincere smile, his cheerfulness, his attention, this is his first time to have someone who really cares about him, who’s aware of his presence, and he feels so lost. He didn’t know what should he do, he didn’t want to hurt Kouyou’s feeling. But everytime Kouyou show his concern, he always pulls away. He is too scared to make some friendship with Kouyou, but he didn’t want to be alone anymore.

He sighed softly and buried his head into his hands.

“It seems like I’m not the only one who came to the school roof everytime I have a trouble,” Yuu opened his eyes and looked at someone who was right in front of him. Tall, smooth skin, sharp eyes, black hair, and cigarettes on his lips. Yuu realized that the person is the person that he saw when he going to the school roof two weeks ago. Yuu feel something weird inside of his body when he stares at those sharp eyes, seemed to burn and make his face turn red.

“Can I sit next to you?”

“Umm… Yeah, sure.” Yuu is surprised to hear his own words. Why he gave permission to people who are complete stranger to him so easily?

Immediately, the person sat next to Yuu. He smoked his cigarette and stared into the sky. No words were spoken of them as if they were enjoying the silence. Before the person opened his mouth...


“Eh?” Yuu was surprised to hear the person speak.

“My name is Shinji,”

a/n I'm sorry for the little late update m(_ _)m I'm super busy this weekend. I hope you can enjoy this chapter :3 and TADAAAN!! cliff hanger XDDD (I really want to do this) lol. PLEASE COMMENT OKAY? >_<
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syzygy_lestatsyzygy_lestat on July 26th, 2011 02:32 am (UTC)
I'm kinda adore Uruha's determination to make friend with Aoi, Believe me when i say i've thought he'd do something just to force Aoi to have what he wants ;D
There is probably something happened that makes Aoi become this anti-social, paranoid student. I would like to learn about it soon.
And finally, although the reason Aoi seemed so open up to Shinji maybe only because they had something in common, it couldn't help me for a moment wanting Aoi to be with Shinji instead of Uruha :"> My Uruha/Aoi muse is rebelling right now XD
Again, update soon! *kick* XD
kanonkuroii: AOISTAR!!kanonkuroii on July 26th, 2011 06:12 am (UTC)
Uruha will never hurt Aoi in my fanfic XDDD
yes yes, you'll know it later X3 just wait and see...

LOL I agree with you XDD at first I want to make Aoi to choose Shinji instead, but I think my Uruhaoi muse forbade it XDDD
but you'll see a lot of Toraoi in this fic (because they're my second OTP) XDDDDD

I'll try to update ASAP! wish me luck! X3
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kanonkuroiikanonkuroii on July 26th, 2011 02:04 pm (UTC)
I will I will~ >3
Aka (Ley)burntmothdecay on July 26th, 2011 12:38 pm (UTC)
My heart was having this "doki doki" moment while reading this~ fufufufufufu~ so cute... But Tora finally comes along!! Aah! What can happen >_< update soon my dear <3 -gives cake-
kanonkuroii: vincent fufukanonkuroii on July 26th, 2011 02:06 pm (UTC)
awww >w< too much fluff for you? XDDD
you should wait darlin~ I will update it soon >w<b *share the cakes with Aoi*
Kei Yairi Kyuuketsuki: UruAokei_kyuuketsuki on August 30th, 2011 06:09 pm (UTC)
This is the latest chapter posted?
Oooh..I'm cuuuriiiooouuus...>////< yes! Your cliffhanger worked sooo well! >3<
But I'm right at one thing!
so it's true that the corner-student was Aoi..XD

Uruha, please, please don't give up at approaching Aoi..><
"He is too scared to make some friendship with Kouyou, but he didn’t want to be alone anymore."
"Why he gave permission to people who are complete stranger to him so easily?"
=> I think this was just some momentarily emotion, I guess?

But..Aoi was blushed..>////< I'm curious, curious, curious!
Good luck to you for this weekend!
I'll wait for the next chapter patiently! ;D ~<3
kanonkuroii: imortal lovekanonkuroii on September 11th, 2011 12:40 pm (UTC)
yeah sorry, I got stuck for the next chapter D: (actually I already write it, but I'm too lazy to translate it to English XD)

lololol just wait the next chapter... PATIENTLY XDD *kicked*

Kei Yairi Kyuuketsuki: UruAokei_kyuuketsuki on September 11th, 2011 03:35 pm (UTC)
It's okay..I'll wait it anyways..I'm curious already..XDDD
You're welcome! ;D
dianne dejarjayes ~♥diannedjarjayes on November 2nd, 2011 12:57 am (UTC)
ini b2 ribet2 aja, ngomong pake b.indo aja XD
Kei kenalin itu Kanon, Kanon itu Kei XD *plak*
kanonkuroiikanonkuroii on November 3rd, 2011 05:17 am (UTC)
wakakak mana tau kan yang XDDDD
dianne dejarjayes ~♥diannedjarjayes on November 2nd, 2011 01:09 am (UTC)
jyaah si aoi kenapa jual mahal gitu sama uru tapi ga sama tora =3=

gw suka sama karakternya uru disini ayang X3
ayo jangan mau kalah sama tora, uru \(*w*)/

kanonkuroiikanonkuroii on November 3rd, 2011 05:18 am (UTC)
soalnya gue pengen si aoi jadiannya sama tora *plak*

oke ayang doakan gue bisa ngelanjutinnya ya TwT
dianne dejarjayes ~♥diannedjarjayes on November 3rd, 2011 09:03 am (UTC)
noooooooo~~ ga rela Aoi sm si macan hentai itu DX *lempar macan k pawangnya*
yosh ayang semoga brhasil nerusin ff nya \^w^/